Blog Sezona in Sydney (blum)Well, here we go. Where do we start? I guess first of all by acknowledging prudent SME editorship by allowing an English or let me be more specific, an Australian language blog on their website. I am not sure if this is the only one, either way, it came as a surprise to me, but then again perhaps it shouldn’t have. Australia is a place of interest for Europeans including Slovaks for whom it has become a popular tourist destination. And it is even more now with the Koruna reaching its old time high against the aussie dollar. Slovak language can be heard on the streets of Sydney city, on the beaches, in Blue Mountains, in the outback, around attractions and in many Sydney restaurants. I don’t mean Slovak restaurants, because there aren’t any in Sydney, but Slovak waiters can be seen in German , Hungarian and even an Egyptian restaurant in the suburbs which only had one waiter – Peter from Bratislava. Most of them are students who do the right thing, see the world, experience different cultures before they settle, start family and become slaves of routine.Fri, 12 Jan 2007 11:05:30 +0100